Monday, June 1, 2009

About us

The owner of this blogshop only has a few things to say. After procrastinating for a very long time, she decided it's finally time to start this blogshop, no more worrying if this her stuffs will sell, or even if she gets any visitors or buyers at all. At least at the end of the day, she knew she did try to make things work. Not too bad a dream for a stay-at-home mom, what do you say?

I'll try my best to keep all products at a very reasonable price, and hopefully as the blogshop grows, I'll be able to bring in a lot more chic and cheap products to sell. As for now, we sell mostly genuine branded babies and kids clothing from brand such as BabyGap, Gap, DKNY, Mothercare, Carters, Replay and Sons, Guess and many more. We also sell women products like handbags and accessories, mainly Coach for now.

As for our preloved items, you can be sure that all preloved merchandise in this blogshop are in very good condition and genuine too. Thank you for shopping with Bucketload.

That's it.


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